What happens when you scan the winning jackpot ticket?

  1. Lets say you won the lottery jackpot or even second prize. Does it pop up saying “you won 100 million dollars/ $ 250,000″? Or does it say not a winner on the jackpot or does it say jackpot/second prize?

    Answer by Wearwolf
    Pretty sure when your ticket gets scanned on there computer it will say so most likely will flash and make some noise, at the news agent or w/e, they will be pretty happy to as the agency you bought the ticket from gets like 10 grand.

  2. I have heard barrel racers say that they had a jackpot. What do they mean.

    Answer by jenny.parish
    It just means that you win money, usually a portion of the entry fees are paid to the winner. :-)

  3. I thought it was for certain games and today like an hour ago my friend got a 18000 credit jackpot in living dead. Should i keep playing living dead or is the jackpot at random now?

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    Answer by Leo
    Im sure he didnt get 18,000 alone (mixed with accolades and stuff maybe, but Ive never seen one that high, most Ive ever gotten altogether was 12,000, but this was mixed with getting a few Gold and Silver accolades). The jackpots are given at random, play a lot and dont quit, quitting allegedly lowers the chance of getting it, although I have quit and still gotten the jackpot. It doesnt matter what mode you play.

    Never have gotten a jp to be more than 9,000 itself, oh well….

  4. If nobody wins, the jackpot would go up and up, right? So, how likely that the jackpot would keep go up and up to 1 billion dollars because nobody guesses the right number?

    Answer by Don Krieg
    Probably will never happen, when the jackpot reaches amounts like 100m or more, bucketloads of people play, bucketloads of people buy alot of tickets, and bucketloads of people play in syndicates (groups of people). Which means more and more possible combinations are covered, increasing the chances one or more ticket will be the winner.

  5. How is it determined whether you get the Daily Super Jackpot in Halo Reach? im just wondering what determines whether you get it or not. for example is it your points you scored in the game or whether you win, or could it be completely random. please only answer if you are certain or have a very good idea. also what tips do you have for someone trying to get it.

    Answer by Mossimo
    It is a completely random system. You can play 50 games and not get it. My only tip I can give is to keep playing, but like I said, its random. The points, level, stuff like that doesnt matter.

    I have gotten the Daily Super Jackpot, I was extremely lucky to get it in only my 2nd game. So it is possible. Bungie says you can only get it once, but it resets at midnight. So you can get it multiple times, just not on the same day.

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